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Snorkeling / Canoes / Yoga

The resort boasts a beautiful white sandy beach that encircles most of the island.

The beach is equipped with shade ombrellas and loungers for sun bathing. All activities on the island respect the guests’ privacy: you will be in one of the last paradises on earth where nothing is out of place.

And everyday you will be able to choose from amongst numerous activities suggested by our staff.

Our top picks:

  • Local maldivian village
  • Desert island trip
  • Snorkeling trips by boat
  • Dolphin/manta ray/whale shark trips
  • Sunset romantic cruise
  • Bottom or trolling fishing


top picks

Beginner and advanced courses

Thanks to its strategic location in the North Ari Atoll, the Gangehi Island Resort is able to offer innumerable diving sites suitable for either beginners, more advanced or expert divers with qualified multi-lingual PADI and SSI instructors.

The PADI and SSI Dive Center is providing exciting, safe dives for adventurous guests amongst the breath-taking marine life and warm waters of the Indian Ocean. It guarantees the highest level of quality and professionalism.

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Gangehi map diving

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Funghi: 4.279083, 72.782250
Maavaru Inn: 4.251000, 72.779941
Ukulhas Thila: 4.267833, 72.822194
Samsa Caves: 4.249083, 72.828611
Kuda Faru Thila: 4.206626, 72.820862
Dhefah Toshi: 4.244217, 72.774975
Das Kurani: 4.217650, 72.763500
Gangehi Kandu North: 4.219350, 72.735700
Gangehi Kandu South: 4.217028, 72.733806
Mathiveri Beyru: 4.209600, 72.732450
Aquarius: 4.203600, 72.734044
Reethi Thila: 4.187017, 72.787450
Gemburugaa North: 4.174333, 72.813900
Gemburugaa South: 4.169083, 72.815033
Dhiggaa West: 4.162317, 72.788750
Kuda Thila: 4.162778, 72.770028
Miyaru Gaa Thila: 4.168250, 72.756833
Dinoluga Blue Caves: 4.159944, 72.737111
Dhinnolhu Corner: 4.153833, 72.737833
Kuda Kandu: 4.133267, 72.729050
Angothi Thila: 4.128900, 72.838167
Maaya Thila: 4.091200, 72.862200
Hammerhead Point: 4.263111, 72.999583
Madivaru Corner: 4.264594, 73.000868
Paradise Rock: 4.159694, 72.745056
Myaren Thila: 4.159543, 72.751846
Bodu Faru: 4.151667, 72.730850
Galagili West: 4.241117, 72.824433
Galagili South: 4.215252, 72.838095
Lucky Rock: 4.209750, 72.825778
Wissaradhuni Thila: 4.207056, 72.828611
Gaagand’hu Wall: 4.236250, 72.863778
Fushi Thila: 4.205450, 72.889650
Lucky Hell: 4.205889, 72.885694
Bodu Thila: 4.154417, 72.756657
Voshimas Thila: 4.160556, 72.769194
Bodu Gaa Faru: 4.152417, 72.822861
Eterecolhu: 4.157417, 72.742917
Katerina: 4.156683, 72.735448
Bodu Falhu Thila: 4.108783, 72.818067
Kari Beiru Thila: 4.094383, 72.948983
Bathala Thila: 4.070167, 72.950000
Bathala Magaa Kan Thila: 4.061050, 72.955067
Feridhoo Caves: 4.050333, 72.710367
Malhoss Thila: 4.002383, 72.719000
Donkalo Thila: 3.970100, 72.712850
Fesdhoo Wreck: 3.999717, 72.785967
Alibhe’ Thila: 3.961449, 72.808281
Orimas Thila: 3.982281, 72.948950
Himendhoo Thila: 3.915943, 72.713955
Ovi Thila: 3.919183, 72.719971
Fish Head: 3.936233, 72.913167
DIVING – Gangehi Island resort: 4.220356, 72.755393
Dhigu Thila: 4.183523, 72.879931
Fingers: 4.232217, 72.735733
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I’m a certified diver. Do I need any diving insurance? Yes you need an insurance suitable for diving or underwater activities. Diving insurances are available at the Diving Center.

At what age can children learn to Scuba Dive?  Children can start scuba diving as young as 8 years of age with the Bubblemaker diving with a mini set of scuba gear – just to 2 meters max.

Once children reach 10 years of age, the full range of beginner courses are open to them. Each year we teach many children to Junior Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver level and beyond. 

I’m just certified OWD and I don’t have my equipment. Is it possible to rent scuba gear? At the Diving Center are available full kit diving equipment brand new from Cressi, including BCD, regulator, wetsuit, mask, fins, snorkel, diving computer and weightbelt.

Do you organize shore dives as well? Yes of course, the diving center is located near the beach, and the house reef is inside a large shelter bay. We also have the ability to bring us from a boat to the end and return back by diving.

Can I see mantas, sharks, whale sharks, turtles diving with you? We should be able to show you mantas if you visit in our peak manta season (December to April). You will see also sharks on most dives like white-tips, black tips, grey reef sharks and nurse sharks.

Do I require a “fit for diving” certificate from a doctor to dive or learn to dive with you? Every diver is highly recommended to have a regular medical examination to ensure he/she is fit to dive. When you register to dive with us, you will be required to fill a form and sign the RSTC medical self-declaration. If you can answer all questions with “NO”, have no other medical conditions and are under 65 years of age, then a “Fit To Dive” certificate from a doctor is NOT required. However if you do happen to have to one or more “YES” answers, and/or are 65 years or older, then you would need to bring a “Fit To Dive” certificate from a doctor. If you are 75 years or older, our insurer applies special conditions; please contact us for more information before booking your vacation.

Is it necessary to prebook dives, diving packages or dive courses? It is not necessary to book dives or dive packages unless you are part of a large group. Even once you arrive, you can simply dive and at the end of your stay you will be billed for the dive package that you have completed. Many courses do not need to be pre booked. However it is better to contact us if you wish to do Rescue, Dive master and some specialty courses.

Can I learn to dive on Gangehi? Of course. Gangehi is an excellent place to learn to dive with its spectacular marine life, warm water and good visibility. We teach hundreds of people to dive every year. As a first experience, we offer Discover Scuba Diving or Try Scuba is a 2 hours course for the complete beginner which will give you the opportunity to try diving with an instructor and includes a shallow dive in the lagoon. After this initial course, you have many possibilities and you can go on and complete the PADI/SSI Scuba Diver or the PADI/SSI Open Water Diver certification.

I hear you run a full day three dive safari. Please tell me more. In addition to our normal daily activity (2 morning dives – 1 afternoon dive), we also run a full day with three dives safari. It is an early start and we return around 17.30, but is a great day out, diving some of the famous and spectacular sites in Ari atoll and Rasdhoo Atoll, such as Hammerhead Point, MaayaThila,  Fishhead,  MalhossThila,  Kari BeyruThila,Fesdu Wreck, OrimasThila, HimendhooThila, Bathala, Maagaa Kan Thila etc… Breakfast and lunch is provided onboard and included in the boat fee. We usually need minimum 6 participants.

Do you provide nitrox for free? Yes, nitrox between 28 to 32% is provided for no extra charge to nitrox certified divers.

What type of dive boats do you have? Our diving boat is a modern 16m diving dhoni which is comfortable and fast and have an onboard toilet and fresh water shower. Our boat is equipped with all safety equipment, oxygen kit, first aid kit and communications. We provide every day to serve you cookies, coconut, tea,mineral water during diving activities.


Our boutique it’s the perfect place to discover the traditional Maldivian style.

With the help of two highly skilled tailors you can create tailor made clothes on your choice with typical material.



Gangehi Island Resort,
Ari Atoll, Rep. of Maldives